Readers’ feedback

Some words by readers of the French version of Land of Eternal Hope (“Amitiés Afghanes, dix ans de vies partagées”):

“I started reading your book and cannot put it down! I have been slowly discovering Afghanistan and Afghans since September, and I find this book fascinating as it offers a different perspective. (…) This morning your book even made me miss my metro stop!”

“I have spent amazing hours in Kabul with Charlotte, through my imagination. I had not understood at all what was happening there. Now I understand it from the heart, and no longer place hasty judgements on this or that ethnic group.”

“I have just finished your book. I devoured it. A thousand thanks for sharing these stories, which are so true, so poignant, and have finally enabled me to understand what years of news reports on TV do not tell us.”

“Your book is great. I started reading it last night at 2am and could not put it down until 6am. I have not finished it yet, as I wish to savour your impressions. I really love your narrative, in which I recognise the atmosphere I knew and my own nostalgia in the same places and at the same times. Bravo!”


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